#FBF Siphon (Circa 2010)


When the cold seeps through,

will I be your heat or your siphon?

We burned once,

back in the days when smiles came before tears.

You were my sun.

I could be nothing but rain.

Though I tried.

I tried.

And in the trying,

found my peace.

But when the stars fell in the night,

frost veiled our eyes and stole our breath.

You couldn’t shine for me then.

Where has the warmth gone,

now that you don’t smile?

We rub together like sticks trying to find a spark,

but no fire will come.

I can give you no heat.

I have none left to share.

I take the last of yours,

cup it in my hands to keep the flame alight.

But the dark creeps in at the corners,

as you back away.

Drowned embers die

when the cold seeps through.

#FBF They Are All and One (Circa 2011)

He is:

  • black fading to gray
  • furrowed brow deepening
  • stiff cock and straight back

He is more man than boy.

She is:

  • creamy white curves
  • softly formed lines
  • wet red lips glistening

She is more woman than girl.

They are:

  • whispered words by candle-light
  • sunshine filtered through closed curtains
  • sweat on tangled sheets

They are all and one.


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