#FBF They Are All and One (Circa 2011)

He is:

  • black fading to gray
  • furrowed brow deepening
  • stiff cock and straight back

He is more man than boy.

She is:

  • creamy white curves
  • softly formed lines
  • wet red lips glistening

She is more woman than girl.

They are:

  • whispered words by candle-light
  • sunshine filtered through closed curtains
  • sweat on tangled sheets

They are all and one.


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“I don’t want to change you”…

Thanks EyeWillNotCry for including me.

Eye Will Not Cry

Blujaybynight came up with this brilliant poem for the Poetry Challenge

Check out more over on : https://theoddlu.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/unchanging/




he is once worn
and twice shed
she brings him out of the cabinet
on special occasions
like fine china
but he never breaks
he is just what she needs
never takes more
than she will give
she threads his needle
in the dark night
punches right through him
and leaves before the
stitches have healed
he sews his fragile heart
to his shirtsleeves
hers for the taking
but she will wrap it up
in her white apathy
and watch it bleed away

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