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isho - rant

Throughout the course of any given day I see shit stuff on my Facebook feed that either disturbs, angers or saddens me.  I sometimes speak up but mostly I don’t.  I keep scrolling down my feed because sometimes I feel like my thoughts or feelings aren’t “politically correct” or that some might feel that I’m irresponsible for having those thoughts and feelings.

So, here goes…

Food, drink and the environment

I try to do my part in “saving the environment”. I recycle.  I compost (by way of the organics program in my region).  Yes it disturbs me to see so many posts about what’s happening with our food and water (I say water because that’s almost exclusively what I drink). [Note: this is where I become politically incorrect] With all this, sometimes I think “why don’t I just freakin die?!”. I can’t eat or drink anything without getting some…

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****4 Stars**** for BloodMarked

The Little Star

The talented Morana Blue just left me some beautifully kind words on goodreads!
I can’t express how excited I am when a new review pops up, even if it’s not great (though this one most certainly is). Just knowing someone took the time to read your book, whether they liked it or not, it’s an amazing feeling.
If you are a reviewer or book enthusiast and would like to read BloodMarked, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’m a new author, and reviews are what sell books. I can usually hook you up. 😉
Thanks for all the support so far, and hopefully many more reviews to come.
~ Lu ~

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9 Times An Editor Would’ve Helped

Thanks 101 Books for brightening my morning with “anus beef.”

101 Books

Editors are my favorite.

They are the unsung heroes of the content world. Writers get all the credit, but editors make the content sing.

If someone ever tells you that editing isn’t that important, or that anyone can do it, or that you don’t really need to hire an editor for your article or book, then you should know this: You’ve just received the worse piece of writing advice in the history of writing advice.

Everyone needs an editor. Even the President of the United States.

Need proof? Here are just a few of the many times using an editor would have been highly beneficial. 

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2015 Oscar Prediction

A Head Start in the Oscar Prediction Race. I’m coming for you Liz.


The Academy Awards can be somewhat bias when it comes to the selection of their top category and next year’s ceremony will be no exception. 5 to 10 movies will be nominated  for best picture and over the years there’s been similarity/bias between with the genres. The top genres that is most likely to get a nomination are:

  • Bio-Pics – The Wolf of Wall Street grab a ton of nominations, but had the rug pulled from underneath them, winning not even one award at this years award. Theory of  Everything shows the same promise, or maybe Foxcatcher will be the bio-pic of the next year’s Oscars, without a doubt that Steve Carell will get a nom. for best actor and is my top pick to take home the statue come next year. Don’t forget about The Imitation Game the bio-pic of Alan Turing where Benedict Cumberbatch gave a stellar performance…

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